Welcome to the Earth School Website beta v. 2.5

~This is an interactive spiritual learning experience that is under heavy construction~

We are currently understaffed and underbudgeted.
So this site will be a slow work in progress until we have the funds to hire a web crew.
Earth School is about to pioneer a new spiritual education system and philosophy.
We are literally up to so much, that I don't have time to build a site that accurately reflects what we have going on here.
We are currently seeking funding to have the ability to provide everyone with the spiritual resources that they deserve.
Please be patient with us as we get everything together.  2014 will be an amazing shift for everyone!


The Awakening is Alive and we are here to help be of guidance on the path.

Our freedom and ability to manifest the collective life that we have all been praying for is just around the corner. It's going to take some work but I have complete faith that we can all do it if we pull together. This site is where Science, Physics, Geometry, Religion, Holistic's, Spirituality and Sustainability all blend up together. I hope to see this site become OUR Creation very soon! This is a beacon of Love and Light to the entire Planet Earth.


This website has been left in the beta 2.5 state for awhile now and was altered to reflect the business plan as well. But we have been actively working on the physical Earth School location for the last four months, thus the website has been put on the back burner. One day in the near future we will launch the beta 3 version with everything more up to date.

Earth School Enterprises just celebrated it's Grand Opening and is extremely excited to have it's doors open to the public.