Welcome to the Earth School Website beta v. 2.5

~Site Under Construction~

ESB's plan is to create a holistic machine that has the potential to
influence the entire world for the betterment of the planet. Each business
inside the ESB plan is a gear that performs it's function to power
the entire machine. The end goal is to help planet Earth achieve optimum
harmony in a fashion that is practical and profitable. This desired
outcome can easily be achieved when the entire plan is working
in tangent with each other.

We are currently understaffed and underbudgeted.
So this site will be a slow work in progress until we have the funds to hire a web crew.
Earth School is about to pioneer a new spiritual education system and philosophy.
We are literally up to so much, that I don't have time to build a site that accurately reflects what we have going on here.
We are currently seeking funding to have the ability to provide everyone with the spiritual resources that they deserve.
Please be patient with us as we get everything together.  2014 will be an amazing shift for everyone!