the Author Laura "Chiraya" Fox

Laura Chiraya Fox is a Life Coach, Author, Workshop Facilitator, Healing Practitioner & Speaker whose divine-love focus assists people around the world in achieving self-mastery, clarity & deep, lasting integration of  spiritual principles with practical worldly application.

Earth School hopes to assist Laura in providing the planet with her beautiful insights on life. She has a few up and coming book titles that we would love to publish in coordination with Laura. But none the less, she is a wonderful person, and this page is dedicated to informing all of the Earth School Visitors about what she has to offer everyone.


Laura is able to help people make real progress in the areas of their life’s purpose, healing relationships & changing habits through tools, practices and healing sessions which cultivate spiritual awakening, mind-mastery, heart awakening and nutritional upgrades.

Her conscious remembrance of her training began at age three when she would communicate with the Divine for the purposes of manifestation. Subsequently at age seven, she remembers doing energy work on herself, and by age 16 was creating healing processes such as “Writing It Out,” to assist herself in overcoming patterns of consciousness from her ancestral lineage.

Laura’s direct relationship with Higher Guidance began in her late teens to be followed by years of study and pracice in many of the world’s religious, esoteric and spiritual systems. Always a seeker, Laura began to work with a variety of teachers in her twenties, who activated her further into her healing abilities, reflected her inner power to her, and trained her physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Her first book, “Return To Center: That Address Now Known,” came out as a self-published self-help book in 1994 and sold 3000 copies. Now out of print, Laura anticipates the reprint of this helpful little book within the next year.

Going to film school in the 80′s, Laura found a passion for visual media including photography, graphic design and film. These skills would continue to be employed throughout her life in various ways, assisting her in being able to self-express and create media that matters for a variety of projects.

In her twenties, she worked as a canvasser at Greenpeace; as a teacher, retailer and craft maker at a Native American store called Wolfwalker; as a graphic designer and as a filmmaker. In her thirties, she continued work in the film industry, learning how to be a producer, and also self-published “Return To Center.” She was then able to  assist other authors in self-publishing their own books and touring on the New Thought Church Circuit. Subsequently, she studied Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and continues to offer these sessions on a limited basis. Now called Golden Dragon Bodywork, her Thai Massage work incorporates other modalities she has been trained in through direct guidance over the years.

Throughout the years, Laura studied and occasionally became certified in a wide variety of healing modalities, including Soul Clearing, Reiki, Healing Touch, Body Talk, Theta Healing, Forensic Healing, Se Re Ma and many more. Her teacher Howard Wills helped her incorporate Ancestral Lineage Clearing into her work. Since her early twenties the Guides, whom she also calls the Star Elders and Wisdom Masters, have been working with Laura directly, teaching her tools, techniques and modalities which she is now ready to teach those advanced energy healing students who desire to study with her. These modalities include Core Star Activation and Manna Touch.

As a student of the Law of Attraction, Laura has deeply studied the works of Masters such as Catherine Ponder, Thomas Troward, Joe Vitale, Neville, Abraham, Carole Dore, Genevieve Behrend and others. She believes that, if we do have this power to create and manifest as Creators in our lives, we ought to apply ourselves to the study of this until we reach master; and we ought to leverage these powers not only on behalf of our own good, (which we should do), but also we should learn to leverage them on behalf of all of humanity and all of nature, as well as learning how to leverage these powers in collaboration with others, as truly, this is the age of collaboration we are stepping into at this very moment.

Thus, from this thought process, instilled with a desire to “help in ways that actually help – not just in ways I think will help,” Laura birthed the Anchor The Dream process of Visionary Theater for the purpose of “creating blueprints for earth life based on agendas of our own choosing.” From the Anchor The Dream Experience, the body of work known as Collaborative Visioning has sprung. Her book The Heart of Collaboration is also due out this year, and it is designed to help individuals, organizations, communities and groups in learning and leveraging the powers of divine creation, resonance building and collaboration so that we might accomplished the desired aim of building new systems, lifestyles and ways of being that truly support a sustainable and harmonious experience of life.

Healing Art by Laura Chiraya Fox

Simultaneous to her in-depth and continuous study and practice of shamanic practices, healing and esoteric principles, Laura gained renown in the raw foods movement and the consciousness movement as an event producer and radio host of Visionary Culture Radio. One of her beloved “hobbies’ is creating Visual Art. She will soon be making this healing art available in a number of ways. While experiencing great success and honor in the community as a producer and host, Laura has also been “on call” for over two decades, assisting people behind the scenes, and now that it is 100% lucid that her healing work is truly beneficial and changing lives, Laura is offering these services publicly to spread the love and healing more widely.

The culmination of these decades of study and application of Universal Spiritual Principles and Healing Practices is to be found in Laura’s offerings through Activate Your Destiny. For truly, at the heart of all her work, is a deep desire to cultivate and serve the emerging genius and heart based soul awakening of individuals and groups around the world. For in this manifestation of healed and awakened beings, will we achieve the beauty, grace and joy ~ heaven on earth ~ which all the great prophecies have foreseen.