the Author and Minister, Castle Hill

Castle is but a name of a form. This name, title, and function is just but one aspect of the total sum. A self aware conscious entity having many names from countless lifetimes assisting the human race in it's evolution. Earth School is my first book to write. After this book is completed, there will be more insightful and loving light shed on these subjects in further books.

How did this author situation come about? Well here is it's story....

I had been an a month long spiritual adventure that had taken me from Arkansas to California. My adventure had a few common themes such as teaching people and getting asked questions. Most commonly I was asked, "how do you make money?." Every time the answer sounded like this, "I make money doing graphic arts but that's about to end because I want to do my spiritual work full time... but I don't charge money for my spiritual works." Then everyone replies, "Well if you stop with the graphics business then how does one plan on making money while only doing something for free".

This situation was quickly becoming a paradox. To myself the answer was that spirit takes care of me no matter what and as long as I did good work the rest would take care of itself. After deciding to come home for Christmas, I had a long drive back with plenty of time to meditate. On the drive home I asked the universe what it was I should be doing from here. The reply was that I needed to meditate and fast for Christmas. And so I did.

After a few days of not moving my Uncle and Aunt came over to do the yearly gift exchange. Then follows the yearly update on the world of Castle and what crazy adventures are happening. My Uncle ask's the same darn question that everyone else was asking. He was showing more true concern for my well being than anyone. Only a fool ignores a reoccurring situation such as this. So I meditate the night on it and come to the conclusion that my guides want me to write a book. And I instantly refused the idea. No Way Universe!!!!!!

A voice come over load and clear.... You will write this book.. Aren't you tired of repeating yourself? Don't you need money? Isn't your goal to help as many people as possible?? We don't care what you want to do, we care about what you need to do... this is your destiny and you will be very happy you listened.

I thought about it for a minute and was like, yeeeaaahhhh. That is the solution to everything. I was still kinda bumbed I couldn't teach a new friend due to the time and space allowed. Thinking I could totally share this with the people I just met and that new friend. I could totally help even though I'm not there physically.

And so I begin the book. "Hey universe, where do I start with this, I'm clueless!!??" Start from the Beginning! Okay?? where is that? The Beginning!! ugggg, I don't get it. Ok... I'll just write a few ideas for chapter names.... Oh look at that I got a whole page... oh there's more two pages... finally four. What the crap!! Where did that come from? Welp that will make a decent first book.

Then I realize 500 pages of full color would be too expensive for all parties involved. I guess it will have to be two books.

And here we are. I have no idea if anyone will even read this or how well it will do. But I figure that if the universe really wants me to write this then it will find it's way to everyone that is supposed to read it. I don't care to be right about any of this... The point is that I just want to help and that is all I want.

But considering the crazy amount of time that is put into making this book I will have to charge at first. Other wise I just might literally starve to death before writing the second book. My intent is to charge at first but once the second book is out give the ebook of the first out for free. This is all about the message and nothing else. Not to be correct, not for the ego and certainly not for the money. But at first I will have to charge just help recover from this. =)

Love and Light to All of Creation!!



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"Could You Be Loved?" by Bob Marley

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A Poem about the Author:
I found myself in a spiritual desert, took my hands to the sands and made myself.... a Castle... The universe applied heat and pressure, until clear as glass became it's measure. Clearer and clearer, until one day. It became, a cosmic mirror. People come and people gaze. Some scorn, while others praise. Eewww and Awwww, for all that they see. But little do they know. It's a reflection of them. And not me. It has no name, it has no face. For it was never born, of this place.

(Naturally inspired on 2-13-13 for a blog)